HueLight Benefits

We have discovered the following benefits with the use of HueLight colored light diffusers:

  • Students dealing with visual impairments like scotopic sensitivity syndrome benefit from the reduction in glare and intense light.
  • Students with autistic diseases, such as Asperger's disease, can have higher rates of light sensitivity which can affect classroom behavior and success. HueLight helps reduce the glare from fluorescents and ease eye strain.
  • By reducing the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, educational professionals can reduce anxiety in their students, decrease disciplinary issues, and create a more tranquil environment for learning.
  • HLD (HueLight Diffuser) increases patient satisfaction by creating a more soothing, peaceful atmosphere.
  • A well-balanced and attractive environment is of major importance to patients' overall health. (
  • There are many benefits to reducing the harsh light emitted from typical fluorescent bulbs both inside the classroom, and in a typical business setting.
  • Schools

  • Students who have special needs benefit from the reduction in glare and intense light.

  • Their reading ability improved because they were able to see the text more clearly.

  • Students' behavior became calmer and more focused.

  • Medical Centers

  • In a calm, relaxed environment, patient satisfaction improves, which can speed up recovery time.

  • Offices

  • Productivity improves in a properly lit work environment.

  • With proper lighting, headaches are reduced.

  • Improves absenteeism and sick leave in any business that utilizes fluorescent lights.