HueLight Products

Blue HueLight Panel (P23P2448B)


  • Students who have special needs benefit from the reduction in glare and intense light.

  • Their reading ability improved because they were able to see the text more clearly.

  • Students' behavior became calmer and more focused.

  • Medical Centers

  • In a calm, relaxed environment, patient satisfaction improves, which can speed up recovery time.

  • Offices

  • Productivity improves in a properly lit work environment.

  • With proper lighting, headaches are reduced.

  • Improves absenteeism and sick leave in any business that utilizes fluorescent lights.

  • Installation is easy!

  • Open existing light diffuser casing.

  • Replace existing light diffuser with HueLight diffuser.

  • "Watch Video Below for Installation Instructions"

    HueLight is available in a 24" x 48" size, which is easily adaptable to many existing light fixtures.