I am writing this letter to support you and your endeavor to make a better atmosphere for work and school environment. I applaud you for taking the time and energy required to make such changes.

As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, I have seen many patients who suffer from a myriad of conditions, including migraines. Research has shown that improper lighting can trigger, and even worsen, migraine symptoms. Such lighting also affects anyone with Light Sensitivity Disorder (Photophobia). It obviously affects production in the workplace when employees must take time off to tend to their health.

I believe, also, that students with any sort of vision impairment, or light sensitivity would benefit from your product. The students would not suffer from the harsh lighting and glare that usually accompanies fluorescent lights if your product was being used in the classroom.

Again, you have my complete support and confidence in your product. It is exciting to think about the positive impact HueLight Diffusers will have on people's lives.

Best wishes,
R. Brent S., D.O.

I have been an educator for 28 years, and I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago. Until my diagnosis, I never gave much thought to fluorescent lighting. It certainly did not cross my mind as an educator.

I have an extreme sensitivity to UV light. Not only sunlight, but fluorescent lighting affects me in a negative way. I can not shop in brightly lit stores for more than an hour without consequences. I would feel ill at the end of each school day. Wearing sunscreen at all times offered only minimal help. I had seriously considered disability retirement.

I teach seventh grade science, and this past October, I was given the opportunity to try Huelight diffusers in my classroom. My students immediately responded to them. At first because they thought they were "cool". After an initial adjustment period, I questioned the students about the lights, and the comments were now quite different. They included "It makes it easier to read" , " I don't know why, but I just feel better in here", "My eyes don't hurt when I read", to quote some of the more popular responses. I had definitely noticed positive differences in not only the learning environment, but in their behavior as well.

Another aspect was the fact that it might help with my UV sensitivity. The diffusers did provide some relief, however I was still experiencing symptoms. Upon hearing this, a UV reducing film was placed on the back of the diffusers. At this point, I began to notice some remarkable changes. The amount of UV had definitely decreased to a level that was tolerable! I cannot express what a joy it was to be able to teach an entire school day, and not feel ill. HueLights have given my career back to me.

Huelights have made a positive impact on my classroom, my students and me. The highest compliment I can pay them is that I would recommend them to anyone, be it educator, business professional, or someone with a light sensitive health condition.

Susan B.
Science teacher

The purpose of this letter is to express my complete support and belief in HueLight Diffusers. As an Educator and Administrator, I have come into contact with thousands of students, parents and teachers. Based on the research you have shown me, and what I have learned from attending educational classes and workshops, I absolutely agree that we need to consider the role fluorescent lighting plays in our classrooms.

I do understand that budget is a major concern in education. That is one reason your Product sounds so interesting to me. You are not asking districts to rewire or replace lights and ballasts. It is merely a modification of existing lighting. This would be much more appealing to School Boards. Although cost is always a factor, we still must do what is in the best interest of our students and teachers.

There are teachers in our own building who refuse to use the current fluorescent lights because of the headaches the lights cause. They bring in their own lamps from home to use in the classroom. They have reported to me that it not only helps headaches, but the students are actually calmer in the classroom.

I have total confidence that your product will improve the learning environment for so many Educators and students, and I am behind you 100%.

Kira K.

We received our new HueLights on a Monday morning and by 4th hour, I knew they were making a difference. My students seemed to come into the classroom in a more relaxed way and really seemed to focus more. I would normally have a hoarse throat from talking to my students and reminding them to be quiet and be on task, but since we've had these lights in our room I can go the entire day and not feel that way.

These lights are like magic to our classroom as they benefit me and my students to make our class time more focused on learning and not so much on correcting behavior. My students love them and ask why they can't be in every class? I told them that hopefully someday soon they will be.

Kim W.
Literature Teacher

I have suffered from headaches since high school and have found little relief other than over the counter or prescription medications. I work all day at a computer under fluorescent lights. Long workdays that keep me in my office will surely result in a headache slowly turning into a migraine. A year ago I had the Huelights installed over my current fluorescent lights, since then I have recongnized a noticeable decrease to the number of headaches I now get. Simple stress and tension headaches can be calmed with over the counter medications and seldom escalate to a migraine. I truly believe that Huelights is the direct result in the decrease of my headaches.

Denise B.
Bank Manager